Puppy Placements

How I Place My Puppies

Once a deposit is placed, a spot for a puppy is held for that person. I do not take deposits on specific puppies, and I do not place puppies based on eye color. I take deposits on coat color and gender. When the puppies are about eight weeks old, I use answers on puppy buyer applications and deposit contracts, as well as my hundreds of hours spent with the puppies and the results to their Volhard temperament tests and structural evaluations to match puppies with the best homes for them. Waiting is frustrating for everyone, including me, believe me, but the puppies always seem to just fall into place with their new families. If there is not a puppy I feel would be a good fit for a family that matches what they put on their deposit contract, they can have their deposit back, choose a different puppy I would recommend (if one is available), or move their deposit to another litter.

For example,

let's say I have nine puppies and seven deposits. I have two puppies available. Great. What else is there to know?

Okay, so one of them is for a tri male,

and there is only one tri male. Straight forward. That puppy's taken (unless, of course, it doesn't end up having the right temperament for the family in question). Easy. What's next?

Well, say I have a deposit on a merle female.

Also straight forward, but wait. There are three merle females. Which one is reserved, specifically? No clue. None. Not even a tiny bit sure. I also have a deposit on a merle male, but there are three, same situation there.

I also have a deposit on a tri female.

There are two tri females... rinse and repeat.

So, you tell me, that's easy enough.

Two merle males are available, two merle females are available, and one tri female is available. But, wait - there's more. I also have two deposits for any color, either gender and one for any color female.

Why in the world

would I accept such a broad deposit and blow my plans to smithereens? Well, you see, that's my favorite kind of deposit. Hear me out.

I, as the breeder, want my puppies to succeed.

These aren't stuffed animals that I'm selling to whoever thinks they're pretty. I want my puppies to be in the best possible homes for each one of them. So, if someone comes to me and tells me their life story and all of their experience (something I appreciate, not something I roll my eyes at) and then says, "and I don't care which color or gender; I just want the best puppy for me", that's gold. I love that. I can't get enough of that.

That's not to say

that the other puppy buyers are bad. If you want a specific thing, that's what you want, and there may be reasons for it. I'm not here to tell you that you're wrong, or that you shouldn't want that, or that you should go away.

What I am saying is

that I want my puppies in the best homes for them. I rarely look at them as a litter. Each one is an individual with strengths and weaknesses, and I want them to go where they will have the best chance of success in life, and the broader the deposit criteria, the easier it is for me to make the best puppy placements for everyone.

Sooo... which puppy is available?

I. Don't. Know.