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BarkBox Unboxing: September 2014

- posted September 22, 2014 @ 5:30pm

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Our Medium (for 20-50lb dogs) September 2014 BarkBox came in the mail on Friday! Every time a package for the dogs is on its way, whether it be from BarkBox,, or, we get so excited that we tell the dogs about the package every day. Whenever anyone opens up a box from UPS, FedEx, or, in the case of BarkBox, USPS, the dogs gather around to see what's in it. They can't help but be excited because their people are excited. Occasionally, there's some sort of tech gadget inside, rather than dog supplies, but the contents are usually for them. Friday night, I had two dogs hovering over me while I was opening the box, and then a third showed up when I was letting them taste-test the treats that were in it.

When you open up a BarkBox, there's a card on top of everything that has a silly message on one side, and then a list of the products that you were sent, with prices and descriptions, on the other side. There is usually a theme every month. In the video, I was looking for the theme, but next time, I'll just read the card. It's pretty cute. so here's a picture of it:

Front of Medium September 2014 BarkBox Card

BarkBox Message: "Yip Yip Hooray! Gimme a B-A-R-K! Whether rooting for Barkeley or Pawxford, the excitement of homecoming can't be contained. This month's BarkBox celebrates the cheers of the crowd, the players and their dogged pursuit of victory, memories of holding paws beneath the bleachers... ah, to be young again!"

Back of Medium September 2014 BarkBox Card

the back of the card with the name, description, and price of each item in the BarkBox

Last month, the card didn't say how much each item was worth, so I didn't think to look for the values on the card this month. All told, according to BarkBox, our box was worth $39. That's great, especially considering we paid less than $20/box!! BarkBox has reorder codes on the cards that come in their boxes, as well as an app that you can use to order more of the products that they send to you in your box. They make it very easy to order more of the products that they send to you in your box.

So, enough about the card. What was inside of the box?

Medium September 2014 BarkBox

BarkBox stuffed full of goodies

PetProjekt Football Tretball, $9

Barkbox Message: "Is your pup looking for a game of pigskin while getting treats at the same time? (What pup isn't?) The Football Tretball from PetProjekt has holes so your pup can sniff and taste the goodies you put inside, keeping them engaged until their bellies are full!"

This toy smells so strongly of the natural rubber that it is made out of that Cipher won't even put it in her mouth, and that's after we washed it and opened it up to let it air out for more than a day. It has 18 small holes in it. I would have to sit and rip treats up for them to be able to fit through them, and the Farmina N&D kibble that our Miniature American Shepherds eat will not fit through the holes. The outside of the toy peels open from the center of it and the two halves don't fit together right, so the toy doesn't close all the way. The halves can be turned inside out to create a dumbbell-shaped toy. It is made in China out of 100% safe, non-toxic, phthalate free, cadmium free, lead free, BPA free rubber.

PetProjekt Football Treatball inside out

PetProjekt Football Tretball inside out

Etta Says 12" Duck Chew, $4

Barkbox Message: "Made from wholesome American Duck, Etta Says Duck Chews have always been a favorite to pups worldwide."

Our dogs have had plenty of Etta Says duck chews in the past, as they are usually on super sale on, and they really like them. These chews are crunchy and made from American Duck. They only last a few minutes with our dogs, but they really enjoy having them.

Muddy Buddy Dog Mop, $12

Barkbox Message: "Able to soak up seven times its weight while also drying five times faster than the average mat or towel, your pup will ruv getting to snuggle up in thie chenille mop when it's time to dry off!"

This dog mop measures about 19.5" x 10" and is very soft. It has pockets sewn on the back of it for you to put your hands into while you dry off your dog. It is made in China out of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide.

Safemade Pet Barkeley Pennant, $7

Barkbox Message: "A BarkBox exclusive! What better way to show your team spirit than a classic university pennant? Raise your paw up high for your alma mater, pups!"

The Bertrom dogs are definitely Barkeley fans! With two squeakers and the crinkliest (Is that even a word? If not, it should be.) material known to man - and a lot of it - on the inside, how could the dogs not love this toy? It is made in China out of resinated polyester fiber batting and polyester film.

The pennant is a soft toy with standard seams, so only our gentlest dogs can play with it, but the ones that can LOVE it. That's not to say that the toy is substandard, but only a testament to how hard most of our dogs are on toys.

4oz. Nootie YumZies Jerky Burger BBQ Duck Treats, $7

Barkbox Message: "These delicious burger treats are made from American duck and contain no wheat, grains, corn, or soy. Pawfectly sized to serve as training treats when teaching your pup some new moves pre-game or as a reward for post-game success."

The dogs absolutely love these duck-flavored treats. Our dogs only eat food and treats made in, and with meat sourced from, specific countries. They've had plenty of foods and treats made in the USA, Canada, and now Italy (we'll touch on the foods they have eaten in future posts), so we are very happy that BarkBox only sends out treats made in the USA or Canada.

The treats are about 1" x .75" in size, fairly easy to rip apart to use as smaller training treats because of the three ridges, and the first ingredient on the ingredients list is American duck. These treats are a hit with all of our dogs!

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