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BarkBox Unboxing: October 2014

- posted October 21, 2014 @ 6:30pm

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The Medium October 2014 BarkBox is Halloween themed! We got it last night, but didn't get to open it right away because we wanted to do an unboxing video, but we need daylight to illuminate our videos. The dogs were very upset that we wouldn't open the box, so they started smacking it with their paws. Cipher even bit it a few times, but we had to wait until today to open it. They were very excited to see what was inside the box when we finally opened it.

Scout's Honor

BarkBox Scout's Honor guarantee - front

BarkBox Message: "Scout's Honor: Tail Waggin' Guarantee"

BarkBox Scout's Honor guarantee - back

BarkBox Message: "Scout's Honor is our promise that if your pup ever doesn't ruv an item in their box, we'll replace it. For real. No Fee. No fuss. No disappointed pups. That's our guarantee and we're sticking to it!"

Scout's Honor is a really cool guarantee that BarkBox is now providing to its customers. If you ever get something in your BarkBox that your dog just doesn't like, you can contact to get a replacement item or to get a credit of equal value to BarBox's new store, BarkShop.

BarkBox Card

Front of Medium October 2014 BarkBox Card

BarkBox Message: "Happy Halloween, pupscribers! Lookout for the Zombeagle! Is that a Ghoulden Retriever we spy? Make way for the Pawltergeist! At BarkBox, we love indulging our pups in any pawticular season's fun and festivities, and Halloween is no exception - they deserve to get in touch with their inner ghost, goblin, or ghoul! Tricks or treats? How about both!"

Back of Medium October 2014 BarkBox Card

the back of the BarkBox card

Safemade Dia de los Muertos Skull, $11

Dia de los Muertos plush skull

BarkBox Message: "A fun burst of color in the dark night of Halloween! With extra trim around the sides for durability, this spooky skull means business."

The dogs like this toy so much that they actually dragged it off from behind me in the middle of the video! It's a plush toy with a squeaker inside. We have plenty of plush toys with extra trim around the sides of them, and they do slow our dogs down from destroying them - but not by a lot.

Hare of the Dog Rabbit Jerky Stick, $3

Hare of the Dog Rabbit Jerky Stick

BarkBox Message: "USA raised, this delicious Hare of the Dog Rabbit Jerky Stick is so tasty it may make your pup's hair stand on edge! It can also be broken into smaller pieces, if portion control is a factor!"

Chewy really wants to try this jerky out! I love that it contains only one ingredient: USA rabbit.

Wet Noses Pumpkin Biscuits, $2

Wet Noses Pumpkin Biscuits

BarkBox Message: "Trick or treat indeed! Made in Washington from 100% organic rye flour, pumpkin, canola oil, ginger, and cinnamon, these tasty treats are both delicious and loaded with vitamins C, K, E, beta-carotene, and fiber."

The dogs think these treats are delicious. They are a shaped like bats, jack-o-lanterns, and ghosts.

American Dog Toys Flash&Glow Ball Jr., $9

American Dog Toys Flash&Glow Ball

BarkBox Message: "This LED ball illuminates upon impact, making it pawfect for those late night fetch sessions that the cooler fall evenings are made for!"

Cipher thinks this toy is one of the coolest things ever! It floats, glows in the dark, and lights up on impact. She is fascinated with the light and throws it and kicks it around to get it to start flashing again when it stops. It's hard, so I don't like throwing it for her to catch in her mouth, but she doesn't seem to mind and tries to catch it anyway. I wish that the Flash&Glow Ball Jr. was bouncy, but Cipher thinks it's great, bouncy or not.

Snicky Snacks Cinnamon Crunch Bar, $2

Snicky Snacks Cinnamon Crunch Bar

BarkBox Message: "Made from organic, USA-sourced ingredients and candy bar shaped, this Cinnamon Crunch Bar is a healthy and tasty snack that will help your pup feel like they aren't missing out on any of the treats of the season!"

The Snicky Snacks Cinnamon Crunch Bar smells amazing! The dogs were obsessing over it, so I smelled it myself, and it kind of made me want to try it, although I don't think my dogs would let me. We just gave Chewy and Cipher a couple of pieces, and now they're climbing over each other to get the crumbs they left behind. The Cinnamon Crunch Bar's ingredients are: oat flour, rolled oats, organic brown rice syrup, rice flour, organic coconut oil, organic cinnamon, and whole eggs.

Superior Farms Venison Crepe, $8

Superior Farms Venison Crepe

BarkBox Message: "Did someone say venison? And crepe? S'il vous plait! Packed with protein, it makes a great outside chew - we'd recommend avoiding chewing this over a carpet or upholstered surface!"

This chew is basically rawhide made out of venison and then sprinkled with dried venison liver. The dogs enjoy beef rawhide, so I'm sure that they'll love this. They're very interested in it, even through the plastic wrapper.

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